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Back Biomass News Bulletin Part 1 - 25 January 2013

Twitter account and website improvements 

We are delighted to announce that we have launched our Back Biomass Twitter account @BackBiomass – we  will use this regularly to update you on news, parliamentary debates and new reports. Please follow us and retweet to get our message out there!
We have also updated our website with key changes to make it easier to navigate, read news articles and download materials. We hope you like it. As always, please send us case studies and any examples which showcase the benefits of biomass!

Industry Alert on the Energy Bill

The Energy Bill to kick start investment in low carbon infrastructure is now being discussed line by line by a Committee of MPs in Parliament. NGOs are lobbying hard on the Bill and late last year said one of their key aims is to put greater restrictions on the use of biomass. A number of MPs and Peers are likely to speak out against biomass when the Bill is debated in the House of Commons and House of Lords.
We encourage you to get in touch with your local MP to underline that sustainably sourced biomass leads to substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions, as well as having a beneficial impact on forest management and biodiversity.

You can find your local MP here and please visit the Benefits of Biomass section on our website for ideas on things to say.
A number of academics, NGOs, trade bodies and consumer groups gave evidence to the Committee last week where they discussed how the Contract for Difference (CfD) mechanism will operate for each low-carbon technology, including biomass. The next stage will be a debate on in the House of Commons where all MPs can speak.