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The Low Carbon Economy: Now Is The Time To ‘Back Biomass’


Lifetime Recycling Village are delighted to see the launch of the Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) ‘Back Biomass’ campaign this week. At a time when the renewables industry desperately needs clarity about the future of Government incentives, it is vital that we send a clear message to policy-makers about the flexibility and affordability of biomass for producing green electricity.

Significant progress has already been made to integrate biomass electricity into the UK energy mix: at the end of 2010, there was 2.5GW of capacity operating, accounting for 11.9 TWh of generation. Yet it is vital that Government support continues to encourage investment and ensure that biomass technology takes a central role in enabling our transition to a low carbon economy.

Solutions like those being proposed by Lifetime Recycling Village in the West of Scotland effectively draw upon a mix of technologies – with biomass gasification at the very heart – to meet increased demands for renewable energy and the requirement to divert more waste from landfill. Now is the time to Back Biomass so that, by 2025, Scotland will only send 5% waste to landfill, and that by 2020, 100% of our electricity requirements will come from renewable sources.