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Farmers Weekly: Biomass has role to play in forest management



Biomass could play a role in helping farmers and landowners better manage their woodland.

In the government's Forestry and Woodlands Policy Statement, published by Defra last week (31 January), the role of biomass has been highlighted as a way to help manage broadleaved woodlands and sustain additional supply to the woodfuel industry.

"By sitting alongside other industries like constuction and carpentry, bioenergy uses by-products that can find little other value, such as thinnings, off-cuts and residues," said Renewable Energy Association chief executive Gaynor Hartnell.

"That provides an extra revenue stream which, coupled with robust sustainability criteria, helps landowners to invest in responsible forest management. We're pleased to see the policy statement acknowledging this compatibility, especially in undermanaged broadleaf woodlands."