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H&V News: Biomass webinar to highlight benefits of ‘retrofitting’


Rural Energy is holding a free biomass webinar offering help and advice on the best ways to take advantage of the renewable technology.


The event will take place on Friday February 15, will concentrate on “retrofitting biomass solutions”.

It will offer detailed information on how businesses and organisations can benefit from the latest biomass boiler technology.


Rural Energy managing director Paul Clark believes biomass technology – which burns wood pellets, chips or even logs in boilers to generate power – is about to come into its own.

He said: “The fact is biomass can be developed and installed anywhere there is an existing oil or gas heating system.

“Our systems are today heating and providing power for buildings ranging from National Trust estates and castles to schools and public buildings.

“Basically, if there is a building that is heated with a gas or oil boiler we can create a biomass technology system to suit.