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ARC energy reduction solutions: Busting the myths about biomass


ARC are extremely excited to be adding biomass for businesses to our list of products and services. As a company that enjoys promoting the most effective means of energy saving as well as those which offer the best return on investment, we are very pleased to be able to promote this highly lucrative energy saving investment to our customers.

If you need to understand the basics on biomass for businesses, have a look at our brand new webpages which will give you an overview of the benefits and returns you can expect. You may already have heard some of the myths and rumours regarding the suitability of biomass for businesses, so we would like to put the record straight on a few of the most popular misconceptions about this technology.

1. Biomass is just as harmful to the environment as fossil fuels – FALSE

Whilst it is true that biomass emits CO2 when burned, the amount that is released during combustion is equal to the amount that the plant or tree would have absorbed during its lifetime. In the case of wood chip or pellet that uses felled trees in the production of these fuels, the trees used will be part of a managed, short rotation stock, creating a sustainable carbon cycle. In addition to this, biomass, unlike fossil fuels, does not release sulphur when burned, which is a major contributor to acid rain.

2. Accelerated biomass use means more tree felling – FALSE

Many of the biomass fuel production plants use wood from chippings or parts of the tress that cannot be put to other uses, so are making good use of already felled trees that would otherwise go to waste. In the case of the biomass pellets supplied by ARC, our timber sources are all waste wood that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

3. Biomass boilers are hard work to install and incredibly maintenance heavy – FALSE

The biomass boilers we supply are an easy retrofit, and no more complex to install in many cases than it would be to replace a gas boiler. In larger installations, our modular biomass system (MBS) is the ideal solution, as all the component parts are manufactured off site and slotted together in a matter of hours.

In terms of maintenance, our biomass boilers for businesses are all automatically fed, and the only maintenance will involve emptying the ash every few weeks.

4. The return on investment will take a really long time – FALSE

In terms of energy saving, biomass boilers typically have lower running costs than fossil fuels, particularly for businesses reliant of ‘off gas’ fuelling such as oil or electric for heating. Thanks to the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the payback period, or ROI period, has been reduced to an average of 5 – 7 years, and with the current tariff rates very attractive and fixed for 20 years, businesses can’t do much better with their capital than invest in biomass right now.

With a whole host of ways to finance an investment in biomass, and even opportunities for businesses to get a free biomass installation, there has never been a better time to investigate this energy saving solution for your business. Contact ARC today to find out more about our new biomass for businesses services or to book your free energy saving audit with our energy experts.