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Biomass Magazine: Independent power production contributes to UK energy mix



A report published by U.K.-based energy purchaser SmartestEnergy highlights the contribution commercial-scale independent renewable energy projects are making to the region’s energy industry. The analysis, titled “Energy Entrepreneurs Report 2013,” indicates that 392 projects came online in 2012, with 2,011 independent power projects in existence in the U.K. at the end of the year.  

In 2012, the total number of independent biomass projects grew by 2 percent, while anaerobic digestion projects increased by 5 percent. Biomass projects now make up 32 percent of onsite capacity, with anaerobic digestion projects accounting for 22 percent. Onsite projects are defined as those developed by a business to power manufacturing facilities and commercial premises.

Farm-owned generation capacity was the fastest growing category of independent generators, with a 74 percent increase in projects. Biomass accounted for 2 percent of on-farm projects, and anaerobic digestion 9 percent. Farmers owned 17 percent of the U.K.’s commercial-scale independent renewable energy projects last year.