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BusinessGreen: Sky heats up biomass switchover


Sky's ambition to cut its carbon emissions by one quarter have taken another step forward this week, after the broadcaster cut the ribbon on four new biomass boilers.

The boilers were installed at Sky's customer contact centre in Livingstone, Scotland, and are expected to supply enough heat and hot water for the 2,500 employees on site.

The generator will also help Sky achieve targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent, as well as improve energy efficiency by 20 per cent, and follows the installation of a combined heat and power plant and wind turbine at its Heathrow headquarters.

Sky said the boilers will be fuelled by locally-sourced forestry off-cuts, and are expected to reduce the carbon output of the site by approximately 500 tonnes per year.

The company will also receive subsidies under the government's Renewable Heat Incentive.

Fiona Ball, head of environment at Sky, added that the new biomass boilers will reduce the site's reliance on natural gas significantly, buffering it against volatile prices.

"The reduction in our carbon footprint at Livingston will contribute to Sky's overall environmental targets," she said in a statement. "Playing our part in helping to protect the environment is key to Sky being a responsible business."