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In response to your leader (Europe’s Biomorass, 11 December 2013), the strike price for conversion biomass will be set at £105 per megawatt hour from 2017 until 2027. This is considerably cheaper than most other renewable and low-carbon technologies, with very few exceptions.


This price is not only set by the cost of wholesale pellet prices, but also by the need to establish new supply chains and technologies that support this highly carbon-efficient and sustainable resource. It provides excellent value, converting some of our biggest polluters into hubs of low-carbon renewable energy.


Biomass is an abundant, low-carbon, renewable baseload fuel sourced from politically stable parts of the world. It is ready and able to replace the pioneering coal plant that supported our first industrial revolution. It only qualifies for Government support if it can demonstrate significant carbon reductions compared to fossil fuels (a minimum 60% reduction, although many generators achieve far beyond this) and this applies across its entire supply chain, including transportation. For these reasons it is an excellent next step in the transition to a low-carbon and efficient economy. It is an excellent deal.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Nina Skorupska

Chief Executive

Renewable Energy Association.