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Energy Live News: Biomass has been the “Cinderella” of renewables too long


Biomass has been the “Cinderella” of renewables too long, according to the Managing Director of an energy firm which has been selling the technology for a decade.

Paul Clark of Melton Mowbray-based Rural Energy, part of the Myriad CEG group, believes the technology has been pushed out of the headlines by solar and wind. Biomass involves burns wood pellets, chips or logs in boilers to generate power.

Mr Clark said: “In the past biomass has been something of a Cinderella in the renewable sector, it has been seen as ‘old technology’ with wind and solar power making all the headlines. The technology has developed at such a pace, most people don’t realise the massive strides that biomass has made.”

Mr Clark said the potential for biomass is “enormous” and was on the verge of dramatically growing. The firm recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and is due to install its “landmark” 500th heating system in the UK.