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Uckfield News: Uckfield Civic Centre set to get new biomass boiler


A modern, cost-effective heating system is due to be installed in Uckfield Civic Centre this autumn.


The current boiler plant and heating control equipment are near to the end of their useful life.


Councillors have agreed to have installed a single biomass boiler, supported by a small gas boiler, enabling the town council to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce energy bills.


A report to members said installing a biomass boiler and heat meters by an accredited installer would make it eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. These payments are payable every year for the next 20 years.


“At present this RHI payment amounts to 8.3p/kWh and, with the proposed use of our boiler would represent an income of around £13,000 pa. Whilst existing gas prices are slightly cheaper than the cost of wood pellets at the moment this still gives a payback on the investment of around 8.5 years; something a pure gas installation could never offer, the report said.


There would also be a substantial saving in carbon output.


The introduction of a biomass boiler is part of the council's "green" strategy which has seen a solar array fitted to the south-facing roof of the Civic Centre.