of biomass

Power and CHP from sustainable biomass offers proven, practical, secure low carbon energy as part of a balanced energy mix.

Biomass as part of a balanced energy mix can help to:

Enhance energy security

The measure of energy security is how easily, safely and affordably we are able to access the supply of natural resources with which to power our economy and our lives. As a safe technology with a renewable, varied and widely available fuel source, biomass can significantly help strengthen the UK’s energy security. As a proven, mature technology it is also capable of being deployed quickly in the next few years as Britain approaches a potential ‘capacity crunch’ as early as 2015.

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Deliver affordable energy

Biomass power and CHP offers a superb cost and resource-efficient solution for energy users. Due to comparatively low capital and operating costs, this flexible, proven, low carbon energy source can help deliver carbon savings cost effectively for the UK taxpayer.

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Enable a balanced energy mix

The UK needs a balanced energy supply with a diverse range of sources of low carbon generation. However, balancing the energy coming on and off our grid system can also be extremely tricky, especially with more intermittent renewable technologies coming online which switch on or off depending on various environmental factors (wind, sunshine etc.). Biomass plants are easily mobilised and able to provide a flexible, reliable supply of energy to support the stability of the grid whenever required.

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Contribute to a low carbon economy

Sustainably managed biomass offers an abundant, renewable, low carbon energy source that can deliver carbon savings cost-effectively and help the UK meet its climate change commitments and renewable energy targets.

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Contribute to green growth and jobs in the UK

The CBI has stated that one third of all growth in the UK during the economic crisis has been from the green economy. The biomass industry is already playing a part in this success story, but it has the potential to make an even greater contribution. Already contributing over a billion pounds and supporting tens of thousands of UK jobs (including transport, farming, construction and engineering), bioenergy could support up to 58,000 UK jobs by 2020 (REA jobs report 2012).

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