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The Courier: Growth industry – Forfar biomass firm boosted by green energy contract



A FORFAR company is to benefit from a new green energy contract that will deliver renewable heat to public sector buildings.


Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon yesterday announced Angus Biofuels as a supplier to the Biomass Energy Supply Framework, developed by the Scottish Government for the provision of renewable heat using biomass wood fuel.


The contract is expected to save taxpayers up to £8.5 million and projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 200,000 tonnes over the next four years.


Angus Biofuels’ role will see the firm supply wood fuel from sustainable sources and, if required, install wood-burning boilers in buildings operated by central government, fire, police, health, local authorities, universities and colleges and the third sector.


Five years ago Angus man Bill Watson created a £1.2m plant at Padanaram, west of Forfar, after developing the biomass business idea following extensive scrutiny of the industry in Europe.


The company now employs around 10 staff and the Angus operation has been expanded to include depots in the Borders and Strathclyde.


Ms Sturgeon said: “This contract will reduce costs to the public sector, saving millions of taxpayers’ money over the next four years.


“It is important for companies like Angus Biofuels because it support jobs and encourages further growth and investment in Scotland’s renewable energy sector.


“The contract supports the delivery of a low-carbon Scotland by reducing CO2 output.


“It will also contribute to the Scottish Government’s target of 11% of total heat demand from renewable energy by 2020.”


Biomass includes plant matter, vegetation and trees, as well as waste biomass such as municipal solid waste (MSW), municipal biosolids (sewage) and animal wastes (manures), forestry and agricultural residues.