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Standard Digital: Advantages of the use of biomass in energy supply



Biomass resources have four key advantages over fossil fuels and other renewable energy sources:

• Biomass resources are diverse, widespread and often found in large volumes. In principle, biomass residues exist wherever trees and crops are grown and wherever food and fibre are processed.

• Biomass is a form of stored energy and can, therefore, provide energy at all times, without the need for expensive storage devices. In this respect, biomass resources differ from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower, with their nightly, seasonal or sporadic supply shutdowns.

• Biomass can be converted into convenient forms such electricity, gases and liquid fuels for transportation and space heating.

• The use of waste resources as an energy source is climate-friendly. In sharp contrast to fossil fuels, their production and use emit little or no carbon dioxide. Instead, the carbon dioxide released when biomass resources are burned will be reabsorbed from the atmosphere during biomass regrowth.