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REA: Ofgem issue updated guidance on RO Sustainability requirements, including treatment of consignments and call for evidence regarding voluntary schemes



Ofgem have published an Open letter on RO Sustainability Reporting slightly modifying their approach to reporting on ‘consignments’ for RO generators. Under the proposals:

-          Generators will no longer need to split their use of feedstock by voluntary scheme (use of voluntary scheme will not be used as a determinant of a consignment), though such schemes may still be used

-          For fuel classification, where information on this is unknown from the supply chain, wood pellets may be able to apportion consignments using estimates (to be agreed between the generator and Ofgem). Generators will also be required to show evidence that to the best of their knowledge they are not burning unsustainable material – therefore coordination with supply chains will be required to evidence this


Benchmarking voluntary schemes against the Timber Standard

Ofgem are conducting a benchmarking programme to compare voluntary schemes against the Timber Standard – Ofgem have requested examples of schemes currently in use to be sent to them, in order to determine which schemes to benchmark. Examples should be sent by 8 September 2014.