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KMS Baltics: Biomass could be important to UK sustainability


Homeowners are increasingly moving towards alternative heating methods such as biomass and solid fuel in order to reduce their bills and their carbon footprint, an expert has claimed.

Simon Holden, chairman of Euroheat, said wood pellets, wood chips and logs "are carbon-neutral fuel sources and a cost effective, alternative way of heating the home".

This could increase the importance of forestry investment as the growing cost of heating homes makes people more enthusiastic about biomass.

"There are some significant savings to be made" for people who turn the technique as a reaction to the "ever-rising" cost of gas and oil, concluded Mr Holden.

Chris O'Connor, operations director at the Biomass Energy Co-operative, recently told the Guardian that the renewable fuel industry is likely to show exciting levels of growth over the coming years.

Government tariffs will further drive take-up and stimulate the development of the nascent industry, Mr O'Connor claimed.

KMS Baltics is a partnership of independent companies providing forestry investment management in Estonia, Latvia, the UK and Romania.