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Boiler Guide: Biomass Campaign Launched By Renewable Energy Association


The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has launched a campaign which is calling upon the Government to provide “sufficient support” for the biomass industry.

With the support of energy minister Charles Hendry, the ‘Back Biomass’ campaign aims to ensure that the UK Government provides a framework which will enable people to take advantage of biomass heating technologies, in light of the forthcoming Renewables Obligation (RO) banding review.

Aside from helping to make a significant contribution when it comes to fighting climate change, biomass has a lot to offer. From boosting the UK’s energy security to providing affordable low carbon energy, according to the campaign, future support and policy must be able to sufficiently stimulate investment in the renewable energy technology.

“We want a balanced energy portfolio and we want biomass to play a central role in this”, commented Charles Hendry.

“I am confident that the bio energy industry can deliver our ambition for around 6GW of biomass electricity by 2020, as set out in our Renewables Roadmap,” added the energy minister.

Biomass – also known as wood fuelled heating – is an environmentally friendly method for providing heat, and involves the burning of organic matter such as wood pellets or logs to provide power to a central heating and hot water boiler.

To highlight the importance and potential of biomass energy, the Renewable Energy Association is trying to raise awareness by encouraging people to write to their local MP.

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