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nebusiness: New centre gets biomass workforce up and running


THE continued growth of the biomass sector has led to the launch of a new training centre specialising in biomass boiler installation courses.


The centre, established by Washington-based Schiedel Chimney Systems is the only HETAS approved one of its type in the North.


The courses on offer are designed for installers whether for commercial premises and office buildings, schools and nurseries, or someone simply building a new house.


The facilities have been fitted out with ETA Biomass equipment supplied by Northumberland-based company Re:heat and installed by Hexham based JPWestall Ltd.


David Wright, marketing manager at Schiedel UK, said: “With the introduction of the government’s Renewable Heating Incentive scheme I have seen a huge increase in the installation of biomass boiler solutions on the commercial side of things. This way businesses have some incentive for lowering their carbon footprint.”


He added: “It is hugely important that anyone considering fitting a Biomass boiler of any type, employs a qualified installer. So we have specifically launched these biomass courses to meet the needs of this growing sector of the market.


"By doing so we are ensuring that we have qualified technicians who have passed an approved course using the latest in biomass technology.”