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RES has recently embarked on its first large-scale biomass power station developments and has announced two projects in the UK - North Blyth in Northumberland and Alexandra Dock in Liverpool. Both are currently at early stages of development and planning and will bring considerable economic benefits to the local economies of each area. 

  • Long Term Employment – It is estimated that approximately 40 staff will be required to operate each plant, creating green collar jobs in the local communities. Additional long term opportunities will be created and existing jobs supported in fuel production, transport and handling.

  • Construction  - There will be approximately 200 to 300 employees required during the peak of construction and there will be opportunities for local consultants, local contractors, local engineers and other disciplines such as accommodation and service providers and communications specialists during the construction period (expected to be approximately three years).

  • Community Fund  - Community Funds will be established for both projects.  For example, at North Blyth the fund  is likely to be in the region of £1,000 per MWe per year (which will be equivalent to £100k per annum) to be spent on good causes decided on by the local community.

  • Ports  - Both Alexandra Dock and North Blyth are located at existing ports which will be used for the transport of the fuel, helping to diversify and secure their economic future.

  • Investment in the UK Energy Supply – It is expected that each project will cost in the region of £300m to commission representing a significant investment into the UK’s future energy supply and  into the local and regional economies of North Blyth and Alexandra Dock.

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